Shein – Sustainable overview

The world’s largest fashion retailer started with drop shipping then integrated its business. As most fashion retailers they work with a very extensive network of retailers (3000+ according to wiki). Fashion companies are notorious for their lack of environment and social sustainability. For instance, 85% of fashion retailers do not disclose their annual production, neither […]


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Sustainable Logistics beyond carbon

As you may remember, this blog all started from a desire to think about what sustainable logistics and supply chains could look like. While I have always focused more on the environmental sustainability side, it is obvious that true sustainability has no boundary between social and environmental – despite what ESG frameworks would make you […]

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Feminism and sustainability

Exploring the relationship between feminism and sustainability. There are two angles to this. On one side feminist ideas can support the progress of the sustainability movement and the intersection of the two will improve both movements. I recently finished a thesis exploring sustainability challenges under a feminist lens supporting – in short – the argument […]

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Expectations for COP27

While it feels that COPs are getting less attention as time passes, COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh is a great occasion to assess the progress of countries to reach net-zero and other sustainability goals. Previous COP conferences were focused on agreeing on targets (Kyoto in 1992, Doha amendment 2012 and Paris 2015) and more recent […]

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Is it ESG or Sustainability?

I have seen a growing number of organisations be for-profit or not-for-profit use the term ESG recently and it is clear that banks and financial institutions have shed light on ESG. What does ESG mean? Environmental, Social and corporate Governance. There is further information on a previous post but in summary, it is mainly used […]

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The future of energy companies

I listent to a podcast by Vox Conversations on the Limit of Forgiveness. Growing up in apartheid South Africa Lucy Allais witnessed first-hand the limits of forgiveness before researching it. Can you forgive oppression? Can you forgive the people who enabled this institutionalised power system to exist? This led me to reflect on my view […]

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I wrote a previous article explaining the concept of carbon offsetting. Offsetting assumes that “an emission reduction achieved in one location has the same beneficial effects as an emission reduction achieved anywhere else”. Thus, it develops projects on this basis by “offsetting emissions somewhere with reducting or absorbing projects somewhere else”. Are offsetting projects really […]



Is offsetting a good thing? Currently offered for flights especially, offsetting practices have been encouraged by companies to shift their lack of environmental progress onto consumers. Websites calculating your emissions can also prompt offsetting projects. Offsetting assumes that “an emission reduction achieved in one location has the same beneficial effects as an emission reduction achieved […]