ikea future changes – opinion

I recommended a few changes to IKEA’s logistics for greener practices. Scholars view packaging forms as a strategic choice that can be driven by customer orientation, technology or logistics orientation (Hellström, Nilsson, 2011 and Coles & Beharrell, 1990). A first part will present the implications of this improvement on the SC’s capability then its impact […]

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While at university I studied Ikea’s supply chain. This series may be a denser read but very interesting. IKEA’s network is composed of more than 1,800 suppliers located in 50 countries (Lu, 2017). The IKEA’s code of conduct, between the company and its manufacturers, prevents unethical practices as child labour, or discrimination (IKEA, Planet and […]


Why sustainable supply chains?

A few of the following blog posts will aim at encouraging action to create sustainable supply chains. This change can be motivated by many factors such as organisations’ values, change in strategy, CSR campaign or seeking financial rewards. There is also a spectrum of changes that can be done to achieve a more sustainable supply […]

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Hi I am Lea Haber! I decided on working in supply chain because of my interest in sustainability. From promoting lower waste and CO2 emissions to ensuring fairer wages to all participating in the making of a good or service, I believe logistics is a good place to start making a change. Supply chains sometimes […]

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