Feminism and sustainability

Exploring the relationship between feminism and sustainability. There are two angles to this. On one side feminist ideas can support the progress of the sustainability movement and the intersection of the two will improve both movements. I recently finished a thesis exploring sustainability challenges under a feminist lens supporting – in short – the argument […]

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What Is Greenwashing? The tales of green public relations

Consumers are increasingly acting as activists demanding stronger corporate social responsibility from the companies they support according to  Brands & Stands report. Organisations are focusing on stakeholders rather than shareholders due to the importance of brand image, fostering positive word-of-mouth advertisement and avoiding a public backlash. For this reason organisations want to appeal to environmentally […]

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what is sustainability?

The basics can seem obvious, however, after writing a few articles on possible sustainable progress or the outcomes of unsustainable practices in specific sectors, I wanted to bring it down to the roots of sustainability. What does sustainability mean? The definition of sustainability seems to be a complex topic, but to a certain extent it […]

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Refuse waste

Zero waste conventions tackle waste by following the logic of the 5 R. It removes most of the waste in an order allowing to address the biggest culprit first and moves onto less effective methods to recycle the leftovers of the waste removal process. A way to understand the necessity for eliminating waste is through […]

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Hi I am Lea Haber! I decided on working in supply chain because of my interest in sustainability. From promoting lower waste and CO2 emissions to ensuring fairer wages to all participating in the making of a good or service, I believe logistics is a good place to start making a change. Supply chains sometimes […]

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