what is sustainability?

The basics can seem obvious, however, after writing a few articles on possible sustainable progress or the outcomes of unsustainable practices in specific sectors, I wanted to bring it down to the roots of sustainability. What does sustainability mean? The definition of sustainability seems to be a complex topic, but to a certain extent it […]

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Improving Gender Diversity by Committing to Corporate Social Responsibility

When the world is uncertain you will be left with two assets to reinvent yourself: the resilience of your processes and your people, an irreproducible source of competitive advantage. Diversity of thinking is the new competitive advantage as the Deloitte surveys finds and this is heavily reliant on the diversity of experience, skills and knowledge. […]

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If you have followed the series on why we need to create green supply chains you will have found actionable steps to value the waste created in your logistics. You will also know that recycling is the last step towards a waste-free operation. Indeed, it is not a great solution because the processes require a […]

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repair ahead

In our quest to make supply chains less harmful to the environment we started with the series on how to reduce waste along each steps of our logistics and transport journey. We looked at refusing waste that is being dumped onto us by suppliers or requested by customers, then we looked at reducing our waste […]

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waste-free guide: reduce

In the first part of the theme Why do we need to create green supply chains I explained why and how to review your choices of material, work with your suppliers to avoid bringing waste into your processes. The second way to lower your waste is by reducing it. For some, it means to limit […]

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Why sustainable supply chains?

A few of the following blog posts will aim at encouraging action to create sustainable supply chains. This change can be motivated by many factors such as organisations’ values, change in strategy, CSR campaign or seeking financial rewards. There is also a spectrum of changes that can be done to achieve a more sustainable supply […]

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Hi I am Lea Haber! I decided on working in supply chain because of my interest in sustainability. From promoting lower waste and CO2 emissions to ensuring fairer wages to all participating in the making of a good or service, I believe logistics is a good place to start making a change. Supply chains sometimes […]

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