Problems with current agriculture practices

The agricultural revolution has granted the sector electric tools for what used manual or animal labour. Throughout time we have brought down bushes separating crops to make space for large plots of land that a tractor can plough. We have heightened our use of fertilisers and pesticides changing the productivity of our crops and land […]


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Beyond emissions in climate change

There is a lot of focus on emissions in climate change literature and news. However, it is not the only problem we are dealing with regarding climate change. While the recent light shed on climate change has increased population’s awareness of the matter, focussing on emissions narrows the understanding of climate change for the broad […]

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Fighting climate anxiety

The word climate anxiety has been recently coined. It focused on anxiety felt by climate conscious people regarding their inability to change things enough. While fighting climate change is very important, fighting the impact of it on your life and mental health is a primary concern. I should add that no one has ever been […]

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What Is Greenwashing? The tales of green public relations

Consumers are increasingly acting as activists demanding stronger corporate social responsibility from the companies they support according to  Brands & Stands report. Organisations are focusing on stakeholders rather than shareholders due to the importance of brand image, fostering positive word-of-mouth advertisement and avoiding a public backlash. For this reason organisations want to appeal to environmentally […]

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ikea future changes – opinion

I recommended a few changes to IKEA’s logistics for greener practices. Scholars view packaging forms as a strategic choice that can be driven by customer orientation, technology or logistics orientation (Hellström, Nilsson, 2011 and Coles & Beharrell, 1990). A first part will present the implications of this improvement on the SC’s capability then its impact […]

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